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Dedicated Social Security Lawyer in Fort Smith, Arkansas

If you’re no longer able to work, you hope that Social Security payments will help you meet your basic needs. Social Security is meant to protect elderly and disabled people and their families. But Social Security law can be complicated, and it’s possible that your claim will be denied.
If this is the case, talk to the lawyers at Milligan Law Offices. Our Social Security lawyer in Fort Smith, Arkansas, can take your case to court to prove that you qualify for Social Security benefits.
Social Security

What a Social Security Lawyer Does

A Social Security lawyer in Fort Smith, Arkansas, is familiar with local laws and knows how to fight for your benefits.
To do this, our lawyers first gather information and evidence about you. They’ll need all the information and evidence possible to prove that your disability, age or family status qualifies you for Social Security benefits.
Next, your lawyer will prove before a court that you are no longer able to do your prior work. They’ll use evidence from your doctors, your testimony, and sometimes the testimony of witnesses to help prove their case. If your case is successful, you can gain the Social Security benefits you need.

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Social Security was designed to protect the vulnerable population and those who have experienced life catastrophes. If you are unable to pay for your basic expenses, Social Security can help.
But if your Social Security claim has been denied, you need help from an experienced Social Security lawyer in Fort Smith, Arkansas. The lawyers at Milligan Law Offices have fought for you since 1996. We give each of our clients personal attention and fierce dedication.
We look forward to getting you the Social Security benefits you and your family need. Call us at 479-783-2213 today to discuss your case.