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Board-Certified Estate Lawyer in Fort Smith, Arkansas

Estate Planning
Whether you’re young, old or in between, it’s important to plan for your future. Crafting a will ensures that your assets will be protected after your death. Similarly, crafting a trust gives someone else ownership over one of your properties.
But dealing with wills and trusts can be legally complicated. That’s why your best move is to consult with an estate lawyer. At Milligan Law Offices, we have 20 years of experience as an estate lawyer in Fort Smith, Arkansas.

What an Estate Lawyer Does

As an estate lawyer, we can help you draft a legally sound will. We can help you make the best decisions about the future of your money and property. After your death, we’ll ensure your wishes are honored. Our official representation for your will can help you avoid family conflict.
We can also help you protect your assets in the present. For example, our estate lawyer in Fort Smith, Arkansas, can determine how to reduce taxes and fees on your estate. We can also guide you on the best ways to invest your money, such as retirement plans and life insurance policies.
If you’re entrusting your property to another owner, we can make sure all proper legal procedures are followed to benefit both you and the other party.

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Some people hesitate to work with an estate lawyer because of the cost. However, working with an estate lawyer can actually help you save money in the long-run. An estate lawyer in Fort Smith, Arkansas, knows the ins and outs of the legal system and can ensure you and your family are financially protected at all times.
At Milligan Law Offices, our board-certified lawyer has many years of experience representing individuals and families in Fort Smith, Arkansas.
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